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Tears of Red Fort : A Historical series on YouTube Channel

There are two Red Forts in India. The first red fort is in Agra, which was built by Tomar Rajputs, centennials before Muslims came to India. Sikandar Lodi, Akbar and Shah Jahan renovated this fort. Lodi Sultan Sikandar Lodi and Ibrahim Lodi and the Mughal emperors Babur, Humayun, Akbar, Jahangir, Shah Jahan and Aurangzeb stayed in this fort for a brief time. This fort had the biggest treasure of the Mughals, precious gems, gold and other valuable property. This fort also had the mint of the Mughals in which gold and silver coins were minted.

The second red fort is in Delhi which was built by Shah Jahan but unfortunately Shahjahan’s son Aurangzeb kept Shah Jahan captive in the Red Fort and Delhi’s Red Fort was now Aurangzeb’s territory. In this series, that part of the history will be discussed which depicts Shah Jahan’s construction of Red Fort in Delhi, to the independence of India that took place in the patronage of Red Forts of Delhi and Agra. These two Red Forts became a symbol of the power of India during this period.

All the events in this series are drawn from authentic historical books. The images in the video are symbolic. Please understand this series as an historical event and enjoy it. We had no role in the events that took place. We have only perceived history. Please enjoy the history. The history might not be according to your mind, you may not like it because a person always love those facts that he got to hear first. For this very reason, he later accepts the hearsay history as a lie. Viewer discretion is advised.

History is not understood by getting carried away in emotions, novel is understood. It is not a novel, it is history, a pure history that has the ability to purify the soul of a man.

Article by Dr. Mohan Lal Gupta, English Translation By Er. Ayush Dadhich, Video Presentation by Er. Dipti Tayal


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